Human problems aren’t simple.

My goal as a therapist is to provide a comfortable setting that allows you to get the greatest benefit from our work together. In addition to traditional office sessions, I offer flexible solutions including phone, telehealth, or home visits for those with physical or geographic limitations.

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My Approach

Emotional and psychological issues are complex. Many therapeutic techniques, although genuine in intent, address symptoms but fail to get to the heart of the issue. Doing the work to understand the origins of your symptoms can be challenging but is the key to making a lasting difference. Having a specialist who knows the territory and can meet you both emotionally and physically can be the differential factor in your success.

Speaking and Consulting

I am available for speaking engagements and consultancy to industry, professional societies, and academic organizations. Some examples of organizations I have worked with include UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Otezla Dermatology Training. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

How we can work together

  • Office Sessions
  • Telehealth or Phone Sessions
  • Home Visits

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Trained by Dr. Ted Grossbart, Harvard Medical School, Pioneer in Psychodermatology

Read the Free eBook written by Dr. Ted Grossbart, Skin Deep to Better Understand the Connection between Emotions and Skin Issues.

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  • Office Address #1: 3711 Hitchcock Ranch Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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